Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Día de la Madre en Argentina

Sunday afternoon I heard singing out in the courtyard of the Mission Home!  We ran to the door and this is what we found!
We were enjoying the singing but it took an Hermana to tell me to turn around and look at the sign on the door. They were there to wish me a Happy Mother's Day since Mother's Day is in October in Argentina! 

We have the best missionaries in all the world!


Thursday, October 16, 2014

October "Fieles" Video

Please enjoy this Video to Celebrate the Service of these Wonderful Fieles!

(Los Fieles are those missionaries who return home after serving faithfully here in the mission.)

Music: Mormon Tabernacle Choir "Called to Serve".

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Asado

This actually happened a while ago but I decided to still share it with you! 
 We have enjoyed having Asodos here in the Mission Home to spend time with some of the Local Church Leaders.  An Asodo is an Argentine Barbeque!  They are a lot of fun and the food is delicious.   There is time to talk as the meat is cooked and there is meat served all during the meal.
Our wonderful Office Elders decided they would like to have an Asodo for those in the government offices here in Neuquen that help us keep our missionaries legal.  It is a big load for those in the Migraciones and the policias offices as they help us with all of our missionaries that come to Neuquén to update their visas and paperwork. Our  Elders wanted to prepare this asado to show appreciation to them for all they do for us.   

We got everything ready.  Even the Stake Patriarch came to help us cook this time so we could all spend time with these important people.
Then we waited for them to come!  Sometimes our doorbell doesn't work so we watched closely so we didn't miss them!

And we waited....

and waited....

After some time we found out that each of them had a problem that night and would not be able to come.  One even took his wife to the hospital!
So…we had a great night together. 
This is an example of how missionary work is!  Our opportunity is to invite and we are always blessed!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Spring in the Mission

September 21st is the beginning of spring in the Southern Hemisphere and we are all ready for spring!
There have been beautiful blossoms here in Neuquen along some of our roads.  The peach and apricot trees at the Mission Home have been beautiful with blossoms! 

As we drove to Roca for interviews we enjoyed seeing the beautiful orchards in full bloom!

As we arrived in Bariloche for interviews there were signs of spring....

But there was still snow on the mountains!

Then as we were driving from Esquel back to Bariloche it started to snow!  

And it continued to snow in Bariloche as we watched out the window of our hotel room!

These are some fun photos we received from our Missionaries in Villa la Angostura!

Spring IS coming...

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Chos Malal

In the upper part of the providence of Neuquén there is a small city by the name of Chos Malal.  Because of the increase of missionaries in the mission we have been able to have missionaries in Chos Malal for the first time.  For the past six months the missionaries have worked hard to find long lost members that had lost contact with the church.
There were fewer than twelve people....six of whom were missionaries...in the first Sacrament Meeting that was held on January 26th 2014.   
Having their first baptisms in the river is something they will all remember!

Several months ago President Lovell and I and the assistants travelled to Chos Malal to attend Sunday meetings.  It is over 5 hours away from Neuquén so we enjoyed this beautiful scene as we traveled!

I took a few photos of the city to share!

Here we are at the church.  It is a rented two room building.  This is the new Group Leader.  Up until now the missionaries had been the leaders of the Group.
This is where they hold Priesthood Meeting and then they hold sacrament meeting here after that.

In the second room of the building they hold Relief Society.

It wasn't long before the members, missionaries and investigators started to arrive.

They hold Relief Society and Priesthood Meeting first.

Then they all meet in the big room for Sacrament Meeting.

This is the group that attended Sacrament Meeting that day!  Usually there is an average attendance of about 28 to 30 people. They are well on their way to becoming an established branch of the church.  There has been a number of priesthood ordinations that have helped the group receive the leadership that it needs to continue forward.  At this time there were  two High Priests, two Priests, one Teacher and one Deacon in the group.

The missionaries that were serving there along with the Assistants.



When the church was first established in Chos Malal the missionaries were blessed to find a family of members that had been isolated from the church for seven long years. 

The husband, who is not a member, instantly invited the missionaries into their home and offered the back building to hold activities and meeting.  This is where the Sunday services were held for the 1st twelve weeks of time in this beautiful city. 

Even now they all often meet here and do a "pot luck" lunch after church.  There are some members that travel for two hours to come to church. This "pot luck" lunch gives everyone a place to eat and gives everyone the opportunity to get to know each other better.

On the day we visited they roasted a goat in this oven.  It was very interesting!

One of the Assistants shared a thought.

They took me inside their home and showed me where the youth were hanging out!

Now...just this last week the missionaries serving in that area came to this same room to watch General Conference for the Saturday Sessions!

Then on Sunday they all met out back of the home with some of the members to enjoy the Sunday Sessions of General Conference.  This family has been a great blessing to the saints and the missionaries in Chos Melal.

These are the missionaries that are serving in Chos Malal today! 

There are even more miracles to come!