About The Lovell Family


About The Lovell Family

President Lovell grew up in the Snake River Valley in Idaho in the United States.  This is a picture of the Snake River near their dry farm.

His parents are Rendon and Maralyn Lovell.  His father passed away several years ago.

They had a large farm where they mostly grew potatoes and wheat.

This is one of their cellars full of potatoes.  Idaho is famous for it's potatoes!

President Lovell was involved in many things in High School.  He enjoyed playing football, basketball and track and played the saxophone in the band. He is grateful for the wonderful friends he had that were such a good influence in his life.

He served his mission in the West Spanish American Mission and the California Los Angeles Mission.

He graduated from Ricks College (BYU Idaho) and then received his undergraduate degree from the University of Utah.  He then went on to graduate from the University of Utah School of Law.  Here he is on the steps of the Utah State Capitol Building right after he was "sworn in" to become an attorney.

He practiced Law for a few years and then he started a company called National Benefits in the Salt Lake City Utah area. It is a company that administers employee benefits for companies.  They are grateful for all of those who work at NBS even as they are serving here in Argentina.
Sister Lovell grew up in a small valley in Idaho called the Lost River Valley.  This picture was taken a few miles from her parent's home.
Her parents are Wendell and Marjean Tew.

Wendell and Marjean wanted many trees near their home on their ranch.  Now it is a  wonderful place for their families to spend time together. 

This river bottom was part of their ranch.  It is the most wonderful place to ride horses and to go to think about things!

Sister Lovell played the clarinet, performed with the drill team and was involved in other activities during her high school years but one of her favorite things to do was to ride horses with her Dad!

She also graduated from Ricks College (BYU Idaho) and that is where she met President Lovell.  She then went on to graduate from Brigham Young University.  She taught school for one year and then stayed home to care for their children. 

President and Sister Lovell were married in the Idaho Falls Temple in Idaho Falls Idaho. They moved to Utah to attend school and raised their family there.  They now live in South Jordan, Utah.

They have nine wonderful daughters!

Here is how they look a few years later!

Now they have seven wonderful sons in laws!  They served missions in the Philippines, Brazil, Peru, the Ukraine, California, Canada and Belgium.  (Alex joined the family since this photos was taken.)

Three of their daughters are now serving missions.  Brittany is serving in the Spain Malaga Mission, Erica is serving in the Italy Rome Mission and Ashley is serving in the Chile Conception Mission. Their daughter Jamie also served in the Chile Antofagasta Mission.
2013-12 Update:  All of the girls have now returned from their missions.

2014-06-14 Another update:  Brittany was married to Alex Knudson in the Draper Temple!  They were good friends in High School and wrote to each other while each serving their missions.  They both speak Spanish so that will be fun for them!  They are excited to have Alex in their family!
Another update:  From the information in the post it appears that we still live in Idaho.  We actually raised our family in North Salt Lake and now live in South Jordan near the South Jordan Temple.

They have 24 Grandchildren and they love everyone of them!

They love their family and are grateful for their support while they are serving their mission in Argentina.


  1. What a great thing to read. I may be prejudice since I am an uncle by marriage but they are an awesome example of living gospel centered lives. The girls they have raised are incredibly talented and they too are tremendous representatives of both their family and their faith. We pray for the Lovell's everyday and your missionaries and know that you are in Heavenly Father's care while you are serving in Argentina. We love you guys - John & Judy Crowder, Brea, California.

  2. Oh my goodness! I have never heard of 9 girls in a row. What a beautiful household that must have made. Now you have many 'sons' to balance it out.
    Liz Ashurst (grandmother of one of you soon-to-be sons)

    1. You are so right! We have many more sons and daughters and it is wonderful!

  3. What a wonderful way to get to know a Mission President. Our son will arrive in July and we have been browsing the blog. He is very excited to get there.

  4. I loved reading about your family. I grew up in a family with many sisters - it was great! Our sweet boy should have arrived at your door today. I hope you will love Elder Wessel! He is so excited to be in Neuquen and ready to work and serve the people there. Our hearts and prayers will be with him and the people of his mission.

    1. He is here! He is wonderful and so much fun! Thank you for your prayers!