Tuesday, August 19, 2014

They are on their way!

Three of our September Fieles left this morning a few weeks early to get back in time to start the Fall Semester at Utah State, BYU and BYU Idaho.

It was fun to take advantage of the beautiful apricot blossoms for our photos!

We do love photos because it helps us remember!  I ask the missionaries to send me some of their favorite photos and we use them to update the bulletin board and for the Fieles video.  Our wonderful Hermana organized the photos on the board!


There was time during the morning to contact members to say goodbye by phone and by making creative notes!

 Missionaries that had reasons to come to the office also came to say good bye.

These Fieles were great to help with things that needed to be done!

 We had a wonderful evening together!



At the airport!



Until we meet again!

2014 September Fieles Video

Three of our September Fieles are returning home a few weeks early to be ready to start the fall semester.  Because of that we have our September Fieles Video up a little early! Please enjoy these photos of our wonderful September Fieles!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sala de Dioramas de Cutral Co

I want to share something we did a while ago.  In the city of Cutral Co there is an artist who is a member of the church.  His name is Oscar Campos.  He became world famous when one of his paintings was purchased during a royalty visit to Argentina and this painting is now hanging in Buckingham Palace!
There is a museum in Cutral Co where he has done some dioramas and he invited us to visit it.  It was so interesting!  There were actual things up close in the case (like rocks and bushes) and then he had painted the rest of the scenery behind.  It was very life like.  He was so kind and came and gave us a personal tour of the museum.
We just found out another interesting thing!  He is painting a painting for the new Córdoba Temple here in Argentina!

Our assistants and us with Oscar Campos 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ward Activity in the Plottier Ward

Many of the Wards here are working hard on having Ward Activities to help unite their wards and have a place where investigators and less active members of the church can attend to get to know each other.  President Lovell was asked to help with this Ward Activity in the Plottier Ward.
We had a wonderful opening with a musical number by the primary.

President Lovell talked about the importance of families.

He showed one of our favorite Mormon Messages as part of his presentation.

There were a lot of people there and there was a very good feeling as the members welcomed those who had come to the church for the first time.

Many of the members had brought their homemade pizza.  There was so much variety!

Its always fun to see some of our missionaries!



The bishop and his wife

I had fun taking pictures of the youth. 

Our picture kept growing and growing!