Sunday, August 3, 2014

Los Refuerzos-The Reinforcements

We were excited to pick up these eleven missionaries!  One of our Elders is from Mexico and there were eleven from the USA.

 For those of you who are new to the blog..if you double click on the small photos they will enlarge and you can find your missionary!

Since their flight arrived earlier in the day we had some time to meet together our first night together.  After a long two days they were all very tired so we didn't meet for very long!

Here are our fourteen new missionaries!

The next morning there was paperwork and other things to do as each missionary had their first interview with President Lovell.

The assistants did some practices. 

They were all willing to help in any way!

It is a tradition to have a photo at meals!  The missionaries are patient with me as I interrupt them!

Then there was the training with the office.  Those working in the office do so much to help the mission run smoothly!  They learn about the finances, pensions, baptism records, how to order supplies and many other things!

This is Hermana Esterkin.  She is from Neuquén but is a missionary here in our mission. She helps in the office and is also helping with the medical. She loves the missionaries and would do anything for them! Since our mission nurse, Hermana Ehmke has returned home, Hermana Esterkin is a lifesaver to me.  She helps make some of the needed Dr. appointments and we work together to take care of the missionaries.

There was more time for training and more practices.  Our one Elder from Mexico was very patient with us.  The trainings were in English and either President Lovell or one of the assistants sat by him to translate to Spanish!  Usually we try to speak in Spanish and English during the trainings but this way seemed to work well since we had 13 English speaking missionaries and 1 Spanish speaking missionary!

I didn't get a separate photo of the wonderful Hermana on the far left but...she is a nurse and she will be a great blessing to the mission and to me!   We will give her a little time to learn the language and adjust to being here in Argentina! 

Our official photos with each of the missionaries!

When anyone volunteers to take out the garbage here I love to show them how it works here in Argentina!

We had a great night together and learned about the rules and reglas of the mission.

These new missionaries seemed to want to know it all!  They will be a great asset to their companions and the wards, branches or groups where they serve.

The next day we met at the church.  Their trainers were there and there was great excitement!  They were each wondering who would be their new companion but that would not be announced until further in the day!

We had the chance to do more practices.

Then we had the meeting where the trainers are announced!  Here are the new companionships! 

Then it was time to go back to the mission home to get their luggage and their new pillows and go to their areas!

There were a few busses that didn't leave until almost midnight so they came to the mission home to eat.  After their sandwiches we popped popcorn and some of them watched "How Rare a Possession" but some just enjoyed getting to know each other better!


After everyone had gone to their areas we counted our blessings for being able to be a part of this great work with these wonderful missionaries!

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