Monday, February 25, 2013

Miracles In The Mission

We are excited to share "Miracles in the Mission” with you. We have shown this at our Zone Conferences these last two weeks. It includes the pictures of baptisms that the missionaries have sent to us since we have arrived in the mission. Please enjoy… "Miracles in the Mission”.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission

President Lovell and I just got home after being gone for a week. We have been with the missionaries throughout much of  the mission for Zone Conferences.  It has been wonderful to be with these great missionaries!
We are excited to share some news with you!  On Wednesday evening President Lovell received an  e-mail telling us about the new Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission that will be formed starting July 1, 2013!  The Argentina Neuquén Mission will be divided!  We knew that it was a possibility that this could happen but we had not heard anything for certain about it until this last Wednesday evening.
We were instructed to let the missionaries know before tomorrow when the Church News would come out.  The Assistants called the Zone Leaders last night and they called all the missionaries this morning to let them know.  We were with the Zapala Zone today for Zone Conference so we were able to share it with them ourselves! Can I just tell you...we have wonderful missionaries!  They had a few questions but they were excited!

Here are the details that we know:

The new mission president will be Mark F. Rogers.

Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission will include the following:
   Rio Gallegos Argentina District
   Rio Grande Argentina District
   Ushuaia Argentina District
   Caleta Olivia Argentina District
   Comodoro Rivadavia Argentina Stake
   Trelew Argentina North Stake
   Trelew Argentina South Stake

Argentina Neuquén Mission will include the following:
Bariloche Argentina Stake
Esquel Argentina district
General Roca Argentina Stake
Neuquén Argentina Stake
Neuquén Argentina West Stake
Zapala  Argentina Stake
Two independent Branches ( 25 de Mayo and Catriel)

Here is a copy of the mission map as it stands right now so you can see better where everything is.

The Rio Gallegos Argentina District, the Rio Grande Argentina District, and the Ushuaia Argentina District are all further south than this map shows.   They were previously in the Buenos Aires North Mission and will now be part of the Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Capacitación Especial de Hermanas


Yesterday we had a "Specialized Training" for all the Hermanas in the mission.

We have twenty six Hermanas in the mission now and we are expecting to receive many more Hermanas in the next few months.  We are all very excited and  we want to be ready in every way!

Everyone was so happy to see each other!

The theme of the training was "With all your Heart, Might, Mind, and Strength".  Each of the Hermanas wrote their names on a heart and we hung them all together.

As everyone was gathering....these  Hermanas were busy involving all the other Hermanas in a surprise for the President!

To begin the training we asked each Hermana to introduce their companion and tell something she has learned from her.

Then I gave a talk about how exciting it is to be a missionary right now!

President gave a talk on the new missionaries coming.   The red lines on the screen are the names of some of the Hermanas.  He is showing how the numbers of Hermanas that are coming to the mission are increasing.   If you are one of the Hermanas who will be coming to the mission in the next few months...your name may be on this screen!

The Hermanas were excited to learn more about  "Intercambios" (Exchanges) with a another  Hermana companionship.  

The Assistants to the President conducted the meeting and taught several times throughout the day.  They talked about the difference of being friends with our investigators and really loving them.  They also talked about Loyalty and how to strengthen our companionship.

We have six Hermanas that are leaving in the next two transfers. Three of them were on a panel on how to work with your Ward Mission Leader.

Then we broke for lunch.  Lorena helps cook when we have our big groups at the mission home.  It was actually a holiday but she was willing to come as a service to help the Hermanas of the mission.

Hermana Romeu was kind enough to come and be a guest speaker for us.  Her husband is Elder Romeu, an Area Seventy that lives here in Neuquén.  Hermana Romeu jumped right in and helped serve our Hermanas their lunch.

Before Hermana Romeu spoke to us, all the Hermanas stood and sang, "As Sisters in Zion" for her.  She got a little teary as they sang.  It was beautiful.
She then gave a wonderful talk on being valiant missionaries.  She is such an example of being valiant and we were very privileged to have her here with us.

The three other Hermanas that will soon be returning home were on a panel about how to strengthen your companion.

Hermana Ehmke gave a talk about the blessings of obedience and being the best you can Spanish!

After dinner, President took time to talk to the sisters and then many of them were able to share their testimonies.  It is wonderful to hear the strength and testimonies of our faithful Hermanas.

The Hermanas in the Mission




It was a very wonderful day!


This morning President found the surprise these wonderful sisters were working on together.  Each Hermana had written a special note to him. He had been "Heart Attacked"!

 We have the very best Hermanas in our mission!


Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Mission Home Bulletin Board


The Mission Bulletin Board is in the kitchen at the Mission Home.  It has every single missionary on it at least once!

It is so fun to watch the missionaries find themselves and other missionaries they know. 
If you double click on this picture to make it bigger you might be able to find your missionary...well ...maybe with a magnifying glass!  I change the bulletin board after each Zone Conference because that is when I get the most new pictures.
 I will be glad to add a few more pictures of the missionaries that will arrive this next week after finally receiving their visas!
Just a note...I have made some changes in  "Info for New Missionaries" about backpacks and sleeping bags.


Monday, February 4, 2013

January Highlights

Zone Leader Council
We have Zone Leader Council the first week of each month.  These wonderful Zone Leaders and Assistants to the President do so much to further the work here in the mission.  Those Zone Leaders that are in the southern part of the mission travel for many hours to get here each month.

Neuquén Zone Activity

We were invited to the Neuquén Zone Activity on New Years day.  They asked us to come in our P-day clothes so we could participate in all of the activities.  They seemed surprised when we actually did!  The weather was very warm that day so we could do activities that we would normally do in  June, July or August in the United States!  It was well organized with volleyball... 


 (Just a note...please double click on any of these pictures to make them bigger. When you want to go back to the blog post just click on the X in the top right hand corner of your computer screen)


...A soccer demonstration by two of our very talented soccer players...

...delicious food....


...a little football...
...a lesson on the natural life of Argentina (See if you can see the interesting bird in this tree!)...

...more volleyball...

...and just time to relax and get to know one another better!