Friday, February 22, 2013

Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission

President Lovell and I just got home after being gone for a week. We have been with the missionaries throughout much of  the mission for Zone Conferences.  It has been wonderful to be with these great missionaries!
We are excited to share some news with you!  On Wednesday evening President Lovell received an  e-mail telling us about the new Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission that will be formed starting July 1, 2013!  The Argentina Neuquén Mission will be divided!  We knew that it was a possibility that this could happen but we had not heard anything for certain about it until this last Wednesday evening.
We were instructed to let the missionaries know before tomorrow when the Church News would come out.  The Assistants called the Zone Leaders last night and they called all the missionaries this morning to let them know.  We were with the Zapala Zone today for Zone Conference so we were able to share it with them ourselves! Can I just tell you...we have wonderful missionaries!  They had a few questions but they were excited!

Here are the details that we know:

The new mission president will be Mark F. Rogers.

Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission will include the following:
   Rio Gallegos Argentina District
   Rio Grande Argentina District
   Ushuaia Argentina District
   Caleta Olivia Argentina District
   Comodoro Rivadavia Argentina Stake
   Trelew Argentina North Stake
   Trelew Argentina South Stake

Argentina Neuquén Mission will include the following:
Bariloche Argentina Stake
Esquel Argentina district
General Roca Argentina Stake
Neuquén Argentina Stake
Neuquén Argentina West Stake
Zapala  Argentina Stake
Two independent Branches ( 25 de Mayo and Catriel)

Here is a copy of the mission map as it stands right now so you can see better where everything is.

The Rio Gallegos Argentina District, the Rio Grande Argentina District, and the Ushuaia Argentina District are all further south than this map shows.   They were previously in the Buenos Aires North Mission and will now be part of the Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission.



  1. Thanks so much for sharing this information. What an exciting time for all these missionaries!

    Becky Hunsaker

  2. Wow! exciting news. The Tsunami of missionaries is beginning to descend on the MTC and is spreading to all the world! Hopefully visas can keep up!

  3. Sister Lovell,

    I ordered a warm coat with a zip out liner, but since the mission has been split I was wondering if I will need that warm of a coat? Do you have any suggestions?

    Kyna Hafen

  4. You will love having that coat in either mission. It gets very cold in the winter in parts of both mission. We have every kind of weather in both missions so the zip out lining will be great!