Saturday, March 29, 2014

Los Refuerzos-The Reinforcements (Our New Missionaries)

We only received two missionaries this transfer.  Our new Elder arrived early in the transfer. 
At the airport is was easy to spot our missionary for the first time.  There are not many travelers in a suit with a lot of luggage! 

He joined two other Elders in a trio.  They had just returned from doing some service so they were in their p-day clothes.

They made him feel special with some smiling rice!  He worked in this trio until the transfer.

Our assistants came with us to pick up our new Hermana from Peru. 

There she is!  It was so fun when she saw us waiting for her and we "met" through the glass!

We loved having our new Hermana stay with us in the mission home and enjoyed getting to know her a little better.

She enjoyed meeting two of our wonderful Hermanas.

Of course there is the paperwork to fill out.

There were only the two of them to practice how to do a language study time together!
Even though there was only two of them they received all the same training!  The assistants taught them all about the mission and the office missionaries did their orientation.

We had pastel de papas to welcome them to Argentina!

It was great for them to meet their trainers.  There were no surprises this time as to who would go with whom!  They are such a great match for each other.

Our Elders would be traveling to El Bolson on the night bus so they had a while before it left. They helped me for a while and then went to work in the area near the mission home.

The Hermanas were off to Zapala! 

Welcome to the Best Mission in the World!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Los Fieles-The Faithful


Our Fieles returned home at different times because of when their school started.  It allowed us to have several times to enjoy being with these wonderful missionaries!  We also had an Hermana and  Elders that needed to return home for some medical treatment.   We hope to see them return to the mission very soon!



It was fun to have our son in law go with them to the airport.



We had some special visitors!



We were able to get this certificate in time to present for doing amazingly well on the English test!


Working one more time on his office computer!

God be with you til we meet again.