Thursday, March 20, 2014

This and That

I have some pictures of things that are a little bit of this and a little bit of that. They are things that have happened in the mission that really don't go together but I want to share them with you.
 Sometimes missionaries need to spend some time at the office or mission home for different reasons.  Sometimes they or their companion are not feeling well.  Sometimes their companion is doing some work for their visa.  Whatever the reason is we usually have something they can do to help us.
They help clean the attic, do computer work for me or those in the office or help do general cleaning and organizing.


This wonderful Elder was nice enough to bleach the patio for me.  I didn't want him to get bleach on his clothes so he found something in the attic to wear during the job!

There was mending to do on some coats we have on hand.

This was a while ago but I was so grateful for two willing Elders after a big activity here at the mission home!

Once in a while a missionary gets an injury...
...or an illnesses.  
 But we do our best to help them get well and get back to their important work as a missionary!
 These Hermanas were at the mission home and wanted to take their picture with the flag.  I think it is a great idea for a companion photo!

Sometimes missionaries happen to be in the mission home on their birthdays and we get to celebrate with them!

One of the fun things we get to do is spend time with the members.  This is one of our amazing Stake Presidents and his family.  They had us over for Home Evening and some homemade pizza!
There are some special children that watch for us when we visit their ward or branch and make us feel so welcome. 

There are fun ward activities to attend.   This was for Camilla and her baptism.

We try and keep our eyes open as we travel.  There are many interesting things to see.  We think this was a volcano.  What do you think?

When our own daughters returned from their missions they were able to visit us here in Argentina.  When they were on their way back to Utah they visited  the temple and temple grounds in Buenos Aries.  It was so fun that they met Hermana Gomar who has returned home to Buenos Aries from serving here in the greatest mission in the world!
I am grateful for family and that they remember us even though we are far away!

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