Sunday, August 3, 2014

Our two missionaries that arrived early!

Two of our new missionaries arrived early this transfer because of their language experience.  They both came from the USA. 
We arrived early at the airport with the assistants to pick up our new Hermana and there were many members from the Ward waiting at the airport for one of their ward members to return from her mission. 
The bishop of the Cipolletti II ward.

 There was so much anticipation and excitement!  It was great to see the love and support of the ward for this young missionary.

Here she comes! 
 These return missionaries are such a strength to the wards here in Argentina after they return from their missions.  It is exciting because there are more and more of them choosing to serve. 

Then our Hermana's flight arrived! 

She had made friends with some of the passengers and they were great to help her with her luggage.

The assistants are always right there to help.

When we went to pick up our new Elder there was a group that had blocked off the entrance to the airport so we all had to walk in!  That happens once in a while here in Argentina.  It is a way for people to get attention to those things that are important to them!

Once inside of the airport there were monitors to be able to watch the World Cup!  The World Cup was a big deal here and they were very proud of Argentina! 

Then the flight arrived and we could spot our new missionary...right there in the middle waiting for his luggage!

The only problem is that part of his luggage didn't arrive.  We assured him that we have always received all of the luggage and knew it would arrive in the next few days. 
 Both of these great missionaries served in a trio until the other members of their group arrived.  Then they came into the mission home for the training with them.

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