Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sala de Dioramas de Cutral Co

I want to share something we did a while ago.  In the city of Cutral Co there is an artist who is a member of the church.  His name is Oscar Campos.  He became world famous when one of his paintings was purchased during a royalty visit to Argentina and this painting is now hanging in Buckingham Palace!
There is a museum in Cutral Co where he has done some dioramas and he invited us to visit it.  It was so interesting!  There were actual things up close in the case (like rocks and bushes) and then he had painted the rest of the scenery behind.  It was very life like.  He was so kind and came and gave us a personal tour of the museum.
We just found out another interesting thing!  He is painting a painting for the new Córdoba Temple here in Argentina!

Our assistants and us with Oscar Campos 


  1. Hi, I'm not sure if anyone is still monitoring this, but I believe Bro Campos may have served a mission in Buenos Aires during the 1980s, and I have a document of his that I need to get back to him. If anyone has his contact information, please send it to me. Thanks. -Troy Braegger, Denver, CO,

    1. I have sent your information to Oscar Campos! Let me know if you don't hear from him! Best to you!