Wednesday, June 20, 2012


It was so fun taking Ashley and Brittany to the MTC. Ashley will be serving in the Chile Concepcion Mission and Brittany will be serving in the Spain Malaga Mission.  They were met by enthusiastic missionaries. It took the Elders a few minutes to realize that both Ashley AND Brittany were there ready to be missionaries!

It was only a short time before their suitcases were unloaded and they were on their way.  It felt very good to see them so excited to serve the Lord.  We could feel the wonderful spirit that is at the MTC and we were so excited for them to be there.

Paul and I went home to finish packing and say goodbye to our family.

Saying Goodbye was a little hard!  We love our family so much but we know that the Lord will bless each of us while we are apart. 

The MTC was a wonderful experience.  We learned so much and met many wonderful people.  We were on our way to meet the missionaries that were going to our mission when we met Brittany and her district waiting to meet their Mission President and his wife, President and Sister Deere!

Another time I went outside during a break and found Brittany and her cute companion walking by.

Our good friend Francene Spencer let the Church News know that we were going to be at the MTC with Ashley and Brittany. They decided to come to the MTC and do an interview about all of us being there together.  Gerry Avant, the wonderful church news photographer, met us in the lobby and introduced us to President and Sister Uchtdorf.

What an amazing expereince to share together.

We loved seeing Ashley and Brittany whenever we could.  We were also able to see our niece, Sister Ritter, on the day she arrived at the MTC on her way to serve in the California San Diego Mission.

We had such a wonderful experience being with the other Mission Presidents and their wives.  We were all excited and a bit nervous. There was a wonderful feeling as we got to know each other and find out where we were each going to serve. We were taught by the apostles and the First Presidency and the very experienced missionary department.  It was a spiritual feast! 

Now it was time for the final good bye and we were off to Argentina!

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