Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Highlights of July

Having Elder and Hermana Ehmke join us in the mission has been a great blessing. They are talented, hardworking and very fun! Hermana Ehmke is a nurse and the Mission Historidor. Elder Ehmke is the Gerente for the mission. Some of what he does is manage the pensions and the supplies of the mission. They are so much fun that I think the missionaries just like to have some reason to call the office just to be able to talk to them!

Along with transfers this time, two of our wonderful office Elders went back out into "the field".  This is our wonderful office staff before the transfers.  Thanks for a job well done!

We were privileged to have Elder Zeballos and his wife on our Mission Tour this year. We have a very large mission which was a blessing to us because we were able to ride in the car together with Elder and Sister Zeballos for several days to see all of the zones. They were so kind to let us ask questions and they were willing to teach us as we traveled. We had a wonderful meeting with each of the zones. Elder Zeballos requested that the Assistants or Zone leaders give a “State of the Mission” report. Then it was my turn. I used the story "The Spyglass" by Richard Paul Evans as the basis for my talk. Our daughter Kathryn, in Utah, scanned in the pictures from the book so we could show them to everyone on the projection screen. Elder Page translated the story to Spanish. I love the book. It talks about how with faith and vision we can create what we really want. Richard Paul Evans was kind enough to give us permission to share his story this way.

After that, President Lovell spoke, followed by Sister Zeballos then Elder Zeballos. It was a wonderful meeting with each of the zones.

Bariloche Zone with Elder and Sister Zeballos

Caleta Olivia Zone with Elder and Sister Zeballos

Comodoro Zone with Elder and Sister Zeballos

Neuquén Oeste, Roca, Zapala and Neuquén Zones with Elder and Sister Zeballos

Trelew Norte Zone with Elder and Sister Zeballos

Trelew Sur Zone with Elder and Sister Zeballos

Once a month our wonderful Zone Leaders have Zone Leader Council at the nearby church but they come to the Mission Home for lunch.

What a wonderful group of missionaries!

We love it when those that play the piano share their talents.  They are only here for lunch for an hour but it is one of our favorite times in the Mission Home.

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