Sunday, June 22, 2014

New District Presidency in Esquel

 We had a special District conference in the District of Esquel.  Esquel is the farthest south of all the units in the mission.  It is in the Andes Mountains about four hours south of Bariloche.  President Gonzalez had been the District President but was offered a great job in Chile and had moved there with his family.

 This is the New District Presidency
The new District President is President Giorgi and is the tallest of the group.  His heart is as big as he is tall!  To the left of him is his 1st Councilor, President Olenik.  To his right is President Aravena, the 2nd Councilor.  The District Secretary, Brother Niklitschek, is on the far left.

It was such an exciting time and it was fun to see President Giorgi interact with the members of the District.  The Presidency is excited to work together and excited to work with the missionaries.
One fun thing about President Giorgi and his wife Dana is their connection to our nephew Vance Boyer.  Vance was one of the missionaries that had the opportunity to be involved with their baptism about ten years ago.  Now ten year later is amazing to see the influence for good that President and Sister Giorgi are in Esquel.  
Here are the members of the new district presidency with their families.  It was very special because as part of the conference,  President Aravena gave a book of Mormon to his daughter who is not a member.  It was very touching to see the love they have for each other.
The District falls under the direct stewardship of the mission.  It is a great blessing to be able to get to spend time with these wonderful members.

Another fun this about this weekend is that President Alvarez was set apart as a councilor in the mission presidency.  He was released as the Stake President in Bariloche just a few weeks ago.  We were able to have dinner in their home and get to know their family.  We look forward to spending time with them in the future.

Of course it is always fun to see the missionaries...


...and other members of the District.

This missionary introduced us to one of their wonderful new investigators.

After the conference one of the wards had a baptism.  There were three eight year olds baptised. It was great to see the support they had from other members of the ward. 

 It was a great way to end a great day!

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