Friday, December 5, 2014

Los Refuezos-Those Reinforcements-Our Newest Missionaries

Just a little note...there are many other photos in the missionaries photos section of the blog that I didn't have room to post on this blog post!

Argentina has the best Facturas!

Everyone was so willing to help in any way!

Training in the office

Language Study practice was great because we divided into companionships of those who speak English and those who speak Spanish!

Our mission nurses shared valuable information

Our assistants do so much to organize the training of these new missionaries

Filling the ketchup bottles

Organizing the Attic in a bit of free time

Practicing how to share the "He is the Gift" cards

A little break!

Meeting with the trainers... 

...while the new missionaries practice how to share a Book of Mormon

There is always lots of luggage

Matching up the companions

Getting to know each other

The new companionships


Time to go to our areas


Thank you to the families who have prepared these wonderful missionaries.
Also...thank you for all of your continued prayers and support.

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