Thursday, August 9, 2012

August Zone Conferences

It was during this first zone conference in August that we were able to get to know the missionaries a little bit better.  Zone Conferences are a wonderful time to learn, to feel the spirit and to be strengthened by each other.  We have nine zones in our mission.  We only see most of the missionaries every six weeks because our mission is so large geographically.

 Bariloche Zone

Caleta Olivia Zone

Comodoro Zone

 Neuquén Zone

Trelew Sur Zone

Trelew Norte Zone

Zapala Zone

Neuquen Oeste Zone

Roca Zone

Zone conferences are a time to learn. 

Zone Conferences are a time to eat!

Mama Olga is famous in Roca for taking care of the missionaries.

She brings her glass dishes to the church to make is special for the missionaries. 

There are even a few leftovers to enjoy!

 Each trip to see our missionaries means days and days of driving.

Keeping two mattresses securely fastened to the car with all the crosswinds is not an easy task!

October is when all the fruit trees blossom.  The Neuquén region is famous for its fruit.

One of the struggles of the mission is problems with visas.  This time we were the lucky ones. After a year of waiting in our mission for his visa we were able to tell this wonderful Elder that he is now permanently assigned to our mission!

The Zone Leaders arrange for lunch during Zone Conferences.  Many times a member will help them but we always have lots of good food!

When I saw these Elders together they said they were the Elders with the least amount of hair. They had gone to get President Lovell to be part of the group!

It is so fun to see the Missionaries enjoy being together.

After a wonderful day together they go out and do what they do best.  They share the gospel with those who are ready listen.

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