Wednesday, September 19, 2012

2012-09 Transfer Week

It is so fun when all the "Fieles" come to the office for their final interview with the President.  I honestly think there are more unknowns for those going home than for those just arriving in the mission.  They have so many decisions to make.  There is schooling, work,  family relationships and sometimes some very special friends to greet!

Everyone signs up on the Mission Facebook Group so we can keep in touch with everyone.  Since they haven't done Facebook for one and a half or two years it is difficult for some to remember their passwords!

Each of them writes their thoughts, their feelings, their goals and their testimonies which will be sent to them in one year from now.  It will be a good reminder of the commitments they made to themselves as they were returning home.

Their flight was canceled and there was some concern about getting another flight until our wonderful Secretaries were able to find another flight.  We knew we had to get these missionaries home to their families.

We were all at one table for our final meal.  We then met together, took care of business and had a testimony meeting.  There was a wonderful feeling here tonight.

The next morning we got up very early to get to the airport before the lines were long.  Those working at the airport appreciate us being there early so they don't have huge lines later.

After lots of farewells it was time to board the plane.  They are ready for this next phase of life! 

Now it is time for us to return to the Mission Home to prepare for the "refuerzos " that will arrive that night.

Later that night when we get to the airport it is so exciting when the airplane finally arrives.  There is some frosted glass between the waiting area and baggage claim.  Here we are peeking through the clear stripe to see if we can spot our missionaries.

They all seemed happy to be here in  Neuquén!

Everyone is prepared and ready to go to the Mission Home.

That first night we had a brief orientation and time to get to know each other along with some good food.

The next morning we all met for their first interviews with the President. When they weren't in their interview they filled out papers, wrote in their journals and wrote their feelings goals and testimonies so we can send them to them after they have been in the mission for a year. Everyone comes wanting to be a good missionary and they are excited to have this reminder sent to them after their first year

There is also time to get to know each other .

At lunch time the trainers come and meet the new missionaries. Of course the Hermanas do something very special to meet the new Hermanas!

Food is very important in this mission!

In the afternoon there is lots of training.  There is so much to learn!

Then there is the announcement as to who will train which missionary.

They are ready to go!


We had four missionaries get their Visa's after Transfer Week.  We were VERY happy to receive them in the middle of the transfer cycle.
This is a very special group of missionaries!

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