Thursday, January 31, 2013

One New Missionary

On Tuesday this wonderful Elder from Mexico arrived straight from the MTC in Mexico!

He went straight to work with his companion. We were going to train them today with an Hermana from Bolivia but she was didn't arrive because of a delay with her visa. It looks like she will be coming next week. is a quiet evening at the Mission Home tonight. 
 We have 24 missionaries that are assigned to our mission that are serving in other missions while they wait for their visas.   If you are interested...there is a list of how many missionaries we have waiting for visas and where they are serving as they wait on the top right hand corner of the blog.


  1. I just love how you update the blog so frequently! It's incredibly exciting! We love all that you do and are very grateful for it!! You are wonderful!!

  2. I also love the updates on the blog. It helps me feel connected to my son, Elder Hunsaker. Wondering if this is his new companion or if he is waiting for one of the others to arrive. (I guess I will find out in Monday's email). Thanks for being such wonderful "parents" to these young missionaries.

    Becky Hunsaker

  3. Yes...we took him to Elder Hunsaker!

    1. Awesome!!! Thanks for letting us know :)

  4. w0w Congrats to the new missionary in the team. God Bless you. And feel the burning desire in your heart.

    TFI thefamilyinternational