Saturday, January 26, 2013

Los Refuerzos...The Reinforcements (January)

I don't not know how this happens every time but....we always receive the very best missionaries in the church!  These wonderful missionaries are from Peru and from the United States.  Two of them actually came straight from the MTC in Provo!  That is amazing!  Our missionaries usually spend several months waiting for their visas to be approved!

Wednesday morning we arrived at the bus terminal at 5:00 a.m. to pick up our missionaries who had a 16 hour bus ride from Buenos Aries.  These missionaries had also been on a very long airplane ride before that!    The assistants are watching each bus to see if this bus is "the one"!  Their bus actually arrived an hour late.

They finally arrived! We were also excited because this bus also held one of our very best Elders who was returning from the United States after some medical treatment.  I was especially excited because he brought back something for me!  He lives very close to our home in Utah and our daughters Kathryn and Jamie had loaded a suitcase stuffed full of things for me and he was willing to bring it to Neuquén with him!  It felt like Christmas!

It is always so exciting when everyone gets all their luggage and we head to the mission home.

These missionaries came straight from the bus to get their Argentina Documentation done and do all the paperwork here at the mission home.  They had their interviews with President Lovell and got to know each other.  They were so tired from the long travel.

It was then time for a break and some good food.

Then there was training for the trainers...

...and for the new missionaries!

Then it was time for the meeting we had all been waiting for....the meeting where the new missionaries find out who their  trainers will be.

It is so much fun to see the excitement when their names are read and they know who their trainer will be!

Tonight when everyone was sitting together with their trainer it just felt good!  It is amazing to see the hand of the Lord in every aspect of this work!

Our assistants are also a great companionship and we are grateful for all they do for us and the mission! They are such an example of dedication, leadership and testimony.

They all look especially content after a delicious meal!

Here are ten excellent missionaries that will bless the people here in the Argentina Neuquén Mission!


  1. The Elder who came back to the US for medical treatment also lives near me and brought me a package from my Elder. He must have felt like Santa Claus!