Saturday, September 28, 2013


It was wonderful to be with each of our missionaries for interviews. What a blessing to be able to serve together!
First President Lovell spoke to the missionaries.  He talked about how obedience is the first law of missionary work.  We cannot get to laws 2,4 or 90 until we establish that we will obey.  In fact, obedience is the first law of everything!
He also talked about finding new investigators and involving the members in teaching.
 The assistants lead the missionaries in some "Specialized Training" while each missionary took their turn meeting with President Lovell and me. 


 I met with each of the missionaries to talk about their language study and their pensions.  Every 6th week of the transfer Cycle the missionaries take pictures of specific areas of their pensions and email them to us. Almost all of the missionaries work very hard to keep their pensions clean and tidy.  This is a blessing for them and for the missionary who may be transferred to their pension!
I do apologize that some of the photos from the interviews are blurry.  We did learn what was wrong so the photos should be better in the future!

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