Sunday, September 22, 2013

It's Springtime in the Mission

The change of seasons is a fun time to let you know the weather your missionary is experiencing! 
The blossoms on the peach tree at the Mission Home have been one of the first signs of spring! 
We traveled to Bariloche for interviews and even though the calendar said it was spring it was still cold! Our daughter Megan and our little grandson Clark from Utah were able to join us for a few days for a wonderful visit!  Clark was born two weeks after we left Utah to come to Argentina. It was very fun to get to know him and for him to get to know us!

Even in Bariloche there were a few signs of spring if we looked for them!

We bundled up and enjoyed being together and seeing some of the beautiful things in Bariloche!

There had been a recent snow here in Bariloche and the mountains were beautiful!  It may be a few more days before it really feels like spring here!

Megan and Clark returned to Utah where it is the beginning of Autumn!  There the leaves are changing to bright colors while our trees here in Argentina are just getting ready to burst into a beautiful green!

Thank you to Megan's Husband Ben and other friends and family for caring for their other four children so Megan and Clark were able to come and see us!

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