Saturday, February 22, 2014

Santiago Chile!

We were excited when it was announced that the Mission President Seminar was to be in Santiago Chile.  We had visited Santiago in 2005 when we visited Chile with our daughter Jamie and her husband Rich and their little son Kaden.  Jamie had served a mission in the northern part of Chile and we were going back to visit!  When we arrived in Santiago in 2005 we found that the temple was being remodeled and we weren't able to go to a session.  Now we were looking forward to that session even more since there is not a temple within our mission and it has been some time since we have been able to enjoy going to the temple.
When we arrived at the temple we were greeted by some wonderful people!  Elder Castillo, Elder Salinas and Hermana Arcos were there to welcome us!  What a special treat!  Elder Castillo also introduced us to someone special in his life!!!  They had all been  missionaries with us in the Argentina Neuquén Mission and it was so good to see them!


We were also able to see Hermana Rivera serving there in the Santiago mission near the temple. She is from the Roca Stake here in our mission.  We had met her as she was preparing for her mission. It was good to see her and see that she is doing great!
There was special program that been arranged for us and we were even more excited to see it when we found out that Hermana Arcos would be playing her flute as a part of it!
We enjoyed the traditional music and dancing!

When we talked to Hermana Arcos after the program we learned that her mother was working in the temple that day.  It was wonderful to be able to meet her as we did a temple session. 

They even had a session for those of us who wanted to attend one in English so the temple visit was even better than I had dreamed of! 

What a special Day! 

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