Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Our missionaries have all arrived!

Three groups of missionaries make up our “Refuerzos” this transfer.

This Hermana arrived from the Honduras only two weeks after our last transfers.  She has served in a trio and will join us tomorrow for trainings.


These three missionaries arrived here from Brazil.  They have so much courage!  There are not many materials to study Spanish from Portuguese.  Portuguese is very similar to Spanish and after a few weeks they will pick up the Spanish but until then they get to practice lots of patience with themselves!  They will also join us tomorrow for trainings.


These missionaries arrived tonight. Three are from the USA.  The other five  are from Mexico, Paraguay, Canada, Columbia and Chile! 



Bienvenido a la mission!


  1. so glad to see Elder Parke has arrived safe and sound! Can't wait for him to serving the people in Argentina!

  2. It is so fun that you know our good friends, Barbara and Randy Knudsen! Small world!