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Interviews are one of our favorite times because we love to talk individually with each of the missionaries!  They also take the longest to do.  There are twelve zones and one district and so means 12 or 13 different days.  Even breaking it down that much means that the interviews need to move along or we are not finished before lunch time and no one wants to miss their lunch.  Most of the missionaries eat with members and these members like to eat at a normal time!  Remember to double click on the small photos so you can view them larger and you can see your missionary better!
It is so fun to see how much the missionaries like to see each other as they gather!
We always have "facturas" as the missionaries gather!  They are a pastry that is famous here in Argentina and they are soooo good!  It is actually breakfast for some of the missionaries...especially those who have travelled to get to the interviews!
The zone leaders do so much to get things ready for us.  They open the churches, Make all the arrangements with the missionaries,  remind them what to bring, set up the tables and many other things!
The first thing we do is take our group photo and celebrate birthdays!
We had an opening...
President Lovell took some time to talk about things that he felt were important for that particular zone.
I introduced the addiction recovery program that is available through the church.
 Then it was time for interviews.  Both President and I do an interview but mine is with the door open! My main job is to have them right there so they are ready for their interview with President. We really do try to finish with them on time so they can be on time for their lunches!   I love talking with each missionary.  We discuss their health, their language study and their pensions.  If there is time... I love to ask them things about their missionary work and miracles they have had or something they have been learning.  It is so wonderful to be able to talk to each missionary and get to know the each better and learn from them!
While we do the interviews the assistant do specialized trainings. 
 It is a huge responsibility to teach the missionaries for four to five hours and they do a great job!  Some of things they focused on this time were the principals of the gospel that we teach in the first lesson and how to teach with a better focus on the doctrine.  They talked about our stewardship as missionaries and what we are actually called to do.
They really focused a lot on faith.  The investigators have to have a lot of faith to accept the gospel.
We as missionaries must have a lot of faith to teach by the spirit.
They did a practice of a short lesson and everyone taught how God is our Heavenly Father.  The focus wasn't on the information but in how strengthen faith.
Each companionship brought their area books.  These are binders of investigators that have been contacted and taught over the years.  The area book is very valuable in missionary work.  Many times missionaries will go back to those who said they weren't ready to continue toward baptism and things have happened in their lives and they are ready now!  The assistants talked about faith in how to use the area books and how to organize them better.
There is always time for a few photos but it is sometimes hard for me to get as many photos as I would like during interviews.  Sorry that some of the zones have less than others!  I thought I was going to get these two elders to smile for a photo but they are so good at remembering not to smile during any pictures I take!  I am going to sneak up on them sometime and get one!
As I am taking photos it is easy for the missionaries to think of you at home!  They love you and are grateful for all of your love and support!

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