Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Los Fieles-The Faithful-July


It is an honor to share the last few days of their mission with these wonderful missionaries! I mainly share these pictures and experiences for the family and friends of these wonderful missionaries who are anxiously awaiting their return home.
It is so fun to have these faithful missionaries start to arrive at the mission home as they prepare to return home.    
If there were Hermanas in the office for any reason they came to say goodbye to these missionaries they have served with!

There are the usual things we do such as signing up for the mission Facebook group...
...taking the English Test...

...writing journal entrees and having their last interview with President Lovell.

 This is also transfer week and with that we have a new assistant and a new Elder working in the office and we welcome them! 
We say goodbye to our these two Elders who have been President Lovell's assistant and a wonderful office Elder.  We will miss them but they are excited to get out in the "field"!

There is always good food to eat when there are missionaries here!

After an afternoon of shopping we shared our last night together.

Our secretaries are great know exactly what to tell them so they can get home without any problems!

We found out how we are related to this special Hermana.  President Lovell and she both descend from John Lovell!

Breakfast before leaving for the airport this morning!

At the airport


We found out our flight was delayed for an hour and a half so we decided to go to the nearby Mall to do some shopping even though it was really raining!


Back to the airport for our final goodbyes!

We walked over to the glass to see if we could one more look at these wonderful missionaries and there they were!

Thank you for your faithful service!

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