Sunday, September 14, 2014

Los Refuezos-The Reinforcements

Our Eighteen New Missionaries!
They have arrived from Canada, the USA, Argentina and Peru

They arrived in three different groups. 
These two Elders were sent three weeks early because of their experience with the language.

They rode the bus that first night to San Martin to join their companions there!

On Tuesday these two missionaries arrived several hours earlier than we expected them!  They patiently waited for us to come and pick them up.  Sometimes there are miscommunications between us and the travel office!
These missionaries arrived at midnight after waiting in the airport in Buenos Aires for many hours because of bad weather and a baggage handler's strike.  They were exhausted but excited to finally be here in Neuquén!
(Remember to click on the small photos to make them larger if you want to see your missionary!)

These four Elders stayed with us in the mission home.  It was the first time we have had Elders stay with us!  It was so fun to get to know them.
After a short but good nights sleep all eighteen came for interviews, visa work and the usual paperwork.

The assistants taught them about the mission and answered questions.

It was a beautiful day so some of us ate outside and enjoyed the sunshine! 

Then they learned many things from our wonderful office staff.

Our mission nurse helped them understand important things about how to stay healthy and what to do if they are sick and the assistants and I did a training on language study.  

More good food!

Training from President Lovell and the assistants.

 It takes many hands to prepare food for these hungry missionaries! 

The next day it was time to meet the trainers!  During lunch it was easy for everyone to wonder who their companion would be!

Once the companionships were announced we went outside for our photos!


Then off to their areas!



There is more energy and excitement with the arrival of these great missionaries!
Thank you to you wonderful families for your love and support!

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