Saturday, September 6, 2014

Zone Conference with the Roca and Villa Regina Zones!

Our Zone Conferences were wonderful!  We loved having the chance to be with every missionary in the mission!  The theme of our conference was Integrity.  There were several talks and an article about integrity that each of the missionaries read in preparation for the conferences.  They each came prepared to give a 15 minute talk on integrity based on the talks they studied. During the morning one of them was asked to give that talk.  Usually there was time later in the morning for several to give a shorter version of their talk.  Every talk was well prepared.
We also focused on the importance of the Book of Mormon, how to work together as companions, how to stay healthy and the importance of listening to good music. There were some changes announced in the kinds of music that can be played in the missionary's pensions.   If you would like to know about those changes you can read about them in the "Information For New Missionaries" section of the blog.
The Villa Regina Zone
The Roca Zone



Skits about how NOT to communicate with your companion!



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