Saturday, August 31, 2013

Los Refuerzos-The Reinforcements

Our transfer week started a week early with the arrival of these two new missionaries from Mexico.  They had been waiting several months for their visas and we are so happy they are here. 
  (These two new missionaries are 2nd and 3rd from the left in the picture.)

Receiving these two new missionaries got us even more excited for transfer week!  We got busy and prepared for our 29 new missionaries to arrive. 
The Airport
(Remember to double click on the picture if you want to see it bigger!)
On Tuesday we went to the airport a little early to pick up our new missionaries.  When we got there we found out that they had not even left Buenos Aires yet!  They finally arrived in Neuquén at 10:30 at night.


The Hermanas came to the mission home and the Elders went to the Casa Grande for some empanadas and brownies and ice cream.  Everyone was ready for a good night sleep. 

Because we have nine daughters we told these eleven hermanas that this feels like home to have all of them here with us at the table.

Early the next morning the Hermanas met together for interviews and the morning paperwork.  The Elders had time for some personal study.

Then the Elders arrived to do the same things!

The Hermanas had some time for personal study and training with those serving in the office while the Elders did their interviews and morning paperwork.

Elder Ehmke and Hermana Esterkin taught the missionaries what is available in the supply room and how to order it through the bolsa.

Our Finance Secretary explained everything about mission finances.  He is very organized and keeps the finances of the mission in good order.  This is a blessing to the missionaries because it means they get the money they need as soon as possible!

Hermana Ehmke explained what she does with the baptism records and as the mission nurse. She is such a blessing to all of us here in the mission.   We had the groups divided into those who speak Spanish and those who speak English for this office training.


The Mission Portrait
There were 33 missionaries here for training counting the missionaries that had arrived during the few weeks before transfers.   

Our assistant took time to learn how to play a game from Mexico!

There were many things to do but these wonderful missionaries and everyone here at the mission office were so willing to do anything they could to help out.

The missionaries seemed to like the food!  We had Pastel de Papas for lunch and Milanese for dinner.  These are two traditional Argentina Meals.

Then we had an afternoon of training. 
 The Assistants taught them all about the mission.  


Next we had my favorite part ...learning about the language study time they will have each day.


I love the part where we break into partners with one English speaking missionary and one Spanish speaking missionary and they got to really do some practice!  It was so much fun!

  Our mission secretary was gone earlier during the office training time helping some of our new missionaries with their necessary Argentina documentation. Now he was able to take some time to explain his role and how he can serve them.   He is in charge of making sure all the visas and DNEs are up to date and over the travel in the mission and many other things.  That is all a very big job!!!   He is also training a new secretary to take his place this next transfer so it was nice to have the two of them this time to help this large group of missionaries.

We had a little extra time before dinner and Elder Ehmke taught them some very important things about caring for a pension.  He says everything so positive that you can't help think it is a good idea!

After dinner we met as a group.  President Lovell loves this time to be able to share the things he feels are important.  He had been able to interview each one of these amazing missionaries and already loves each one of them. 

It is hard for us to believe we are so lucky to be able to have this wonderful experience!
The next morning all the missionaries brought their luggage to the Mission Office.
This is only part of the luggage!

After more training in the morning we all went to the church for lunch.  The trainers were there being trained!  We were all able to have lunch together but no one knew who their trainer would be and the trainers didn't know who they would be training! 

Later in the afternoon there was the big announcement!  Here are the new missionaries with their trainers!

We took advantage of this time and got a picture of us with each of the new missionaries.  The rest of the pictures are in the missionary photos section of the blog.  


I left during dinner to pick up our daughter Megan and our grandson Clark at the airport.  We have been so excited for them to come!  It was fun to take the traditional pictures through the frosted glass at the airport. 

I was so glad that the flight was on time so we had a chance to introduce them to the missionaries before they left to go to their pensions. 

Before the missionaries left for their areas we had one more important thing to do.  They needed their new pillows!


We are so grateful for each of these new missionaries.  We commented about how the spirituality of the mission has just increased with this large group of enthusiastic missionaries.  What a blessing they will be!



  1. I have been watching this blog ever since our son, Elder Andersen, received his mission call in March. In my mind I thought it would probably be nearly Christmas time before I'd see his picture posted here since he would surely be assigned a US mission to wait for his visa. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to see him in these photos so much sooner than I ever thought! I love how organized your orientations/training/interviews/meals/sleeping arrangements/travel and getting them off to their first areas are. But most of all in these photos, I can see the love that President and Sister Lovell have for each one of these (undoubtedly nervous) new missionaries. Thank you! Sending love and prayers to you over the miles from this grateful mom and dad.

  2. We do love these missionaries! Thank you for your love and your prayers!