Friday, August 9, 2013

The Ward Temple Trip

I love being in Argentina but one thing I do miss is being able to go to the temple on a regular basis.  The closest temple is in Buenos Aires. It is eighteen hours away by bus and is outside of our mission.  It has been amazing to see the dedication and sacrifices of some of the saints here.  Many of them take two weeks off from work twice a year to be able to attend the temple.
Lorena works here at the Mission Home. She is happy to share these pictures with you of their last temple trip.  Their ward rode the bus the eighteen hours to the temple.   She and her husband attended twenty four sessions in one week. They do this twice a year so that totals up to almost fifty sessions a year! She was also able to do some sealings for some of her great grandparents.  
These pictures of the temple are taken from the facilities that are available for temple patrons to stay in while they attend the temple.  If families have young children they are able to bring them on the temple trip and the parents can take turns being here with the children while the other parent attends the temple.  Sometimes ward members help each with their children so that couples can go together.

It is a time that they look forward to all year.  They love being in the temple and they love being together.


Even though Lorena and her husband Rodolfo make huge sacrifices to make this temple trip twice a year they know the blessings far outweigh the sacrifices!

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