Saturday, March 14, 2015

Mission President's Seminar in Santiago Chile

We got up early to catch the 6:00 flight so that we would get to Chile in time to be able to go to the temple.  We have a new appreciation of the privilege of being able to go to the temple.
It was a beautiful day and it was wonderful to attend the temple with many of the other Mission President's and their wives from the South America South Area.
As we finished our session we met Elder Jorquera in the lobby. He was just finishing a session also!   He came to the mission right before it was divided.  After the division he was in the Comodoro Mission so it was so good to see him again!

Then it was wonderful to meet Elder Arriagada and his beautiful new wife as we came out of the temple.

As we were visiting with them I decided to run over and take a picture of the CCM which is right by the temple.  As I took the picture I heard someone say, "Hermana Lovell!!!" 
It was Hermana Rivera!  She had served with us until the division of our mission and then she finished her mission in the new Comodoro Mission.  I knew it was inspiration that I thought to take that photo of the CCM so we could see her!

She was with her friend who has recently been called to the Comodoro Mission! 

We spent the next two days with the other Mission President's and their wives learning from the Area Presidency and a member of the Presidency of the Seventy, Elder Suarez.  As we were looking at the PowerPoint during the conference President Lovell and I both looked at each other to see if we saw right!   There was a picture of Hermana McChesney and Hermana Hafen, two of our Hermanas,  in the corner of every slide. 

They are Hermanas that have finished their missions and have returned home. It was so good to see their photos.  They have always had such a glow in their faces and are great examples of wonderful missionaries!

Elder Salinas and his new wife came to the hotel to meet us!  It was so good to spend some time with them.

One of the blessings of being with the other Mission Presidents and their wives was to ask questions and share ideas with them.

This is the group of Mission Presidents who were there who came to this area at the same time we came.
President and Sister Wright, President and Sister Kahnlein, us,  and President and Sister Parreño.   President and Sister Agazzani also came at the same time we did but were unable to attend the seminar.

We feel a special connection to President and Sister Rogers.  They are in the Comodoro Mission and arrived as our mission was split.  It is fun to talk about missionaries that served with both of us and that both of us love!

There are also other connections with other Mission Presidents and their wives.  President and Sister Cook are from Black Foot Idaho.  That is very close to where President and I grew up.

President Zanni served a mission in the Argentina Neuquén Mission as a young Elder! 
President Goats was the mission president of one of our Hermana's and wanted to say "Hello" to her!
President and Sister Arrington were our daughter Ashley's Mission President in Chile!

We learned so much at the conference and loved being with these wonderful other Mission Presidents and their wives.


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