Monday, March 2, 2015

More fun connections in the mission!

I received this fun letter that shares the story of more connections between missionaries in the mission.

I’m not sure if our daughter, Hermana Gonzales, has ever shared with you the fact that her father and Elder Moya’s father were baptized into the Church at about the same time, lived in the same ward and both served in the Peru Trujillo Mission at the same time (April 1986-April 1988) as full-time missionaries. 

It is interesting that almost 30 years later these missionaries would have offspring that would serve in the same mission together.  Elder Moya’s family continues to live about three blocks from Briana’s grandmother in Peru.  The Church certainly makes it a small world.

P.S.  I am attaching pictures of the two dads as missionaries, a present day picture of Elder Moya’s parents with Briana’s dad and a picture that Hermana Gonzales sent us on a day when both she and Elder Moya were in the same place at the same time.

Hermana Gonzales and Elder Moya are the missionaries in the middle of this photo.

The church certainly does make it a small world!

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