Friday, February 27, 2015

Los Refuerzos-Those Reinforcements-Our Newest Missionaries

Please welcome our newest missionaries!  They have arrived from Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico, The United States, El Salvador, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Brazil!

We love to take photos with each of the missionaries.  There is a picture of each of the missionaries with us in the photo section of the blog.

These days were filled with an interview with President Lovell, trainings, filling out needed forms, getting their Argentine documents in order,  letter writing, eating and just getting to know one another!

A little service in the attic!

We depend so much on the missionaries that work in the office.  They do so much to help us and the missionaries.

Our nurses did a training on important ways to stay healthy!

I love helping with the language study practice. We divided into companionships of English and Spanish speaking companionships.  It is an amazing opportunity for those who are learning Spanish to learn from their Latin Companions and for those who are working hard to learn English to learn from their companions from North America.

The assistants did a practice outside.  It was such a beautiful day!

Meal time is always a good time!

I love this picture of Hermana Arnaudin!  She is always serving and with a smile!

That evening we met together for more training and to focus on spiritual things.

I talked about the feeling each of them felt when they knew that it was the right thing for them to go on a mission.  They all said they could remember that feeling.
Now that they are here it is up to them to decide what kind of missionary they are going to be.  Those from North America had Elder Draut as a teacher in the MTC.  They had all talked about him and what an influence for good he has been in their lives.
  Here is Elder Draut with them before they left the MTC in Provo.
 This is Elder Draut on the first day he arrived in his mission in the very same place they are now. He had decisions to make about what kind of a missionary he would be just as they do right now.

Elder Draut served here in the Argentina Neuquén  Mission and we knew him well.  He was a wonderful missionary!
Here is Elder Draut on the last day of his mission.  His choices during his mission helped him become the wonderful person they knew in the MTC.
 We asked each one of them to think about what kind of experiences they wanted to have and what kind of a person they wanted to be as they finished their mission.  
It is exciting to think of those who will join the church while they are here and of all of the choices and experiences they personally will have.  That's part of the reasons that makes a mission so great! 

The assistants do so much to teach and organize these days.  Everyone was tired and we didn't want to keep them to long.  Many had long flights to get here and they were still adjusting to the time change.

The next day those who spoke English went with the secretaries to get their Argentine documents in order while those from Latin America did their interviews and mission paperwork.

Later..those who hadn't had their valuable office training were able to do that.  They learn how to order things from the supplies, all about the money on their cards, their pensions, their visas and many other things.  We have a wonderful office staff that is eager to help all the missionaries.

Then it was time to go to the church to meet the trainers and find out where their areas would be.  Everyone was very excited!

First things first!  It was time to eat again!

Thanks to the Arnaudins for bringing lunch!

Somehow all the sister ended up on one table and all the Elders on the other one!  President Lovell feels right at home with all of these sisters.  For those of you that don't know...we have only daughters in our family!

The new companionships!

Time to go to their new areas


Our hearts were full as we said good-bye.  We look forward to seeing them all again in a few weeks at interviews!


  1. Thank you for the updates on your blog. I saw my missionary arriving to your mission healthy and happy. Feeling blessed.

    1. You are so welcome! I wanted you to see the smiles and the excitement they had to be here! There will be an adjustment time now but they will be great!

  2. I LOVE seeing our missionaries! Thank you again for this wonderful blog! And for your wonderful love! Our kids are SO BLESSED!