Thursday, February 12, 2015


In the mission almost everyone drinks bottled water similar to this.  There are a few areas where the water is very good and the missionaries do drink the tap water there.  If we have any concerns we have just asked that they drink bottled water.  That is hard when they are eating with members.  Many members have bottled water but some don't.  Some missionaries take water with them or drink very little at the meal!
For the most part the homes and apartments have a big tank on their roofs like this one. 
This is what the tank looks like on the Mission Home. 
 Usually the water is very clear but even here in Neuquén the missionaries drink bottled water.  The only time the water looks dirty is when it rains really hard.
Usually the weather is quite dry here in Neuquén but sometimes it rains...
..and rains!

After a big rain storm the water in the systems can be quite dirty.
After a big storm I looked in the washer after it filled with water and I was a little concerned how my white skirt would look after it was washed.
But it looked great after the wash!
But... this is water we don't want to drink!  We are grateful to have the bottled water we need to stay healthy and be able to work hard! 

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