Saturday, February 7, 2015

Coordinating Council

Once every three months there is a coordinating Council with all of the Stake Presidents, our Area Seventy Elder Romeu and President Lovell.  It is a time to plan and talk about ways to help the work of the Lord go forward here in the Wards and Stakes of the mission.
This time it was at the Mission Home so I was able to be in the photo too!  My only contribution was to provide good food for them to eat! 
There is such a good spirit at these meetings.  It is such a great blessing to be able to serve with these wonderful leaders!
Elder Jorge Romeu-our Area Seventy, President Sergio Romero of the Roca Stake, President Marcelo Parades of the Neuquén Stake, President Roberto Payllalef of the Neuquén Oeste Stake, President Christian Cerda of the Zapala Stake and President Lovell and I.  President Alejandro Olaiz of the Bariloche Stake was not able to attend this time.

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