Saturday, February 14, 2015

Él Es La Dádiva (He is the Gift) activities in the Plaza Huincul, Bariloche and Neuquen Zones

Some of the missionaries sent me photos of activities they did as part of  "Él Es La Dádiva" or He is the Gift at Christmas time.  We also heard about wonderful things that all of the zones did.  Many went caroling with members of their wards in public places and gave out the "Él Es La Dádiva" cards during and after their singing.  They were  all very creative in sharing our message!
The Plaza Huincul Zone

The Bariloche Zone

The missionaries gave Él Es La Dádiva cards to these cute children to give to people while the missionaries sang. 


The Neuquén Zone
We have an apricot tree at the Mission Home and these missionaries decided to put them to good use!

They added an  Él Es La Dádiva card to the bags with the apricots!  These bags of fruit were given to investigators and less active members.

Some of the missionaries even shared our message on the radio!

Missionaries are some of the most creative people we know!
We hope you have heard of some of the miracles from your missionary that have come because of their efforts in sharing Él Es La Dádiva!

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