Friday, February 27, 2015

Los Fieles-The Faithful

Our Twenty Six Fieles 

A morning of interviews and other fun things that we do together on our last day together!


After lunch we met together for the Self Sufficiency class arranged by the church.

A little time to relax before dinner!

A few of the missionaries were excited to have their parents join us for the evening!
Lorena cooks many of the meals at the mission home during transfers and has learned to love many of the missionaries and they love her.  She is also so good to have the missionaries in her ward eat at their home each week.


Our wonderful last evening together.  There are many other photos of each missionary in the Photos of the night. 


It was actually this Elder's birthday today!  It was fun to embarrass him just a little and make a fuss about his birthday!

Trick candles are great!

Breakfast with the sisters that stayed with us

At the airport



Until we meet again...

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