Sunday, February 8, 2015


Normally this is a Catholic School but this last week if was full of wonderful youth from the Wards and Stakes of the area of the Mission.
On Tuesday we had the opportunity to participate in EFY for these youth. They were divided into 4 groups according to ages. We were able to teach four different groups.  This was the oldest group.

Our assignment was to teach about how to a missionary now and how to prepare to serve a full time mission.

President Lovell talked about the blessings we have as members of the church and how important it is to share that blessing with others.   The youth were so good to participate in the discussion.  Many of them are already great missionaries with their family and friends and it was fun to hear their experiences.

One of the best things we did was to take the assistants to President Lovell with us to help teach.  The youth love the missionaries!  They gave a demonstration on how to share the gospel.  Our Elder on the left is reading his Book of Mormon on the Bus and ends up sharing it with the rider on the right!  It was very well done!
What are some ideas on how we can share the gospel? These youth were excited to participate in every way!

We could all feel the spirit as a personal story was shared.
Our assistant told about a special friend that joined the church four years ago and how much it has changed his life and his family.  Then he told them how this story was really about him!  He started his mission when he had only  been a member of the church for two year and how his family is continually being blessed because of their membership in the church.  He shared his gratitude for the privilege of being able to serve a mission and how it has blessed his life.
He also shared how the brother of one of the missionaries (the missionary on the left) who taught his family is now serving in this mission and how fun it was to meet him at the last zone conferences.  He is so grateful to for his membership in the church.
We divided the youth into groups to practice what we had been talking about.  Look at their faces.  Look at how good they are! 

It was fun to meet with each of the groups throughout the day.


It was fun to walk around and feel their excitement of being together with other youth of the church. 

It was also wonderful to be with the leaders of the wards and Stakes and of EFY.


It was great to be with the future leaders of the church here in these Wards and Stakes!

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