Friday, February 27, 2015

Our New Missionaries Have Arrived!

Getting new missionaries for the mission started early this transfer!  One of our Hermanas from this transfer arrived three weeks ago because of being advanced in the language! While we are waiting for the flight it is fun to take pictures of President Lovell and the Assistants.

We were worried that she was traveling alone but she was not worried at all.  She had made several friends on her flight!

Because it was in the middle of the transfer she joined another companionship until the transfer.  She was excited to be here in Argentina.  She was so excited to start being a missionary and to continue to improve her language skills right here while doing the work.

Early today I received this photo and message from Elder Draut.  Elder Draut served here in the mission and is now teaching at the MTC in Provo.  Here is his message and the photo:

Hermana Lovell. A group of missionaries should be arriving today. I was their teacher. They are wonderful, and very excited to be there. I told them how lucky they are to be going to Neuquen with you and President Lovell. I love & miss you all. Que tengan mucho exito!  Michael Draut 

It was tonight that 22 more new missionaries arrived from the MTC in Provo and from the CCM in Buenos Aries. 

There was a lot of luggage!

A picture of their group at the CCM
At the Mission Home

They had not eaten for a while so the empanadas tasted even better than normal!

For some it was the first time they had tasted alfajors!
The assistants were great to give an overview of the mission and start the training.
A little time to stretch to keep awake!  Many have been traveling for two days and were very tired!

They ended by repeating our purpose as missionaries. 

We love getting new missionaries and for all of their enthusiasm and their desires to serve!

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  1. Any pictures of the new missionary's and their companions.