Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Leadership Council

Each of us came prepared to Leadership Council to discuss Alma Chapter 17-26 and how we can apply these chapters to ourselves as a missionary today. These chapters are about  where we should be as we read the Book of Mormon together.  I love to be a part of these discussions and hear the incites and desires these missionaries have to be the best missionary they can be.  These chapters will forever have a greater meaning to all of us!
We also focused on the document that came from the Area Presidency and the emphasis of Hastening the work.  We counseled with these leaders on how to implement this directive in our mission.  We are to focus on Baptizing, reactivation and retention of members in coordination of working with Priesthood Leaders and ward Councils.
Another important discussion was in light of all of these changes, "What is the role of a leader".  The role of a leader is to be an example but to also love, guide and correct if needed.  We focused on proper dress and grooming, apartments and appropriate language for missionaries.
It is so fun to see how happy they are to see each other as they arrive!

These two Elders received some of the last "Standard of Excellence" that we will give out.  Because of the changes in how the Area Presidency is having us go forward we will not be using this program anymore!

 It is so great to be a part of the "council" with these great leaders of the mission.  They are willing to share ideas and concerns so that we can move forward in the most effective way!

We had a demonstration on how to help investigators and less actives to recognize the desires of their hearts.  These were some tough investigators but...

...they had a change of heart!  It is amazing how real a practice can be!  Then everyone had a chance to do this same practice. 

Thanks to the Arnaudins for bringing the food!

We have been asked to coordinate with the Seminary and Institutes here in the mission to identify ALL youth, active or less active, and help them enroll in seminary and institute.  Brother Zuniga is the director of Seminary and Institute for the wards and stakes of our mission.  We were privileged to have him in our meeting.
We will work together each month to coordinate  meeting with him and each of the Zone Leaders of the mission.

Thanks to the assistants for all they do for this meeting.

It is always fun to take a few pictures after the meeting

This is a picture of all of the leaders that will return home this transfer!
Everyone wanted a picture of them!

Now it's time for all of us to go forth and implement what we have learned and talked about!

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