Thursday, February 12, 2015

"Mini Missionaries"

Even with all the missionaries we have there are times when we have a need for a "Mini Missionary".  A "Mini Missionary" is a member that is willing to be a companion to a missionary without a companion!  It may be because his companion needed to return home for some reason or we just have an odd number of missionaries.  Most of the time we will put missionaries in trios in these circumstances but sometimes it is important to keep an area open for the transfer.

These "Mini Missionaries" are members of one of the wards in the boundaries of the mission that are willing to serve for a few weeks or sometimes and entire transfer.  This wonderful Hermana just finished school and had a few weeks until she started work.  She was so great to take this time to help us with the work.
They usually learn to love the other missionaries and it is almost always a very positive experience for all.

Many of the "Mini Missionaries" decide to serve a full time mission after this experience so many of the ward and stake leaders are anxious about giving them this opportunity to serve.

They are creative about how to get their name on their missionary name tag!

This "Mini Missionary" was waiting for her visa for her own mission and was excited to serve here in this mission while she waited! 


"Mini Missionaries" are a blessing to all!
Thank you!

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