Thursday, April 2, 2015

A New Branch in Rincon de los Sauces

In January of 2014 we established a "Family Group" of the church in Rincon de los Sauces. Rincon de los Sauces is in the very Northern part of the Mission.  It is about 3 hours North of Neuquén near the boarder of the Province of Neuquén and Mendoza.   
This is the first meeting that was held with the Ponce family and the Bogado family.  It was held in the home of Brother and Sister Ponce.  These two families and many other families have worked very hard to establish the church in Rincon.
During this last year the numbers grew and grew until the "Family Group" looked like this!
Those first missionaries also worked hard to strengthen the members and find those who were prepared to hear the gospel.

Then the numbers grew to large to continue meeting in the Ponce home.  The church rented this home to hold their meetings.

There was room for Priesthood meeting for the young men.

Relief Society for the Women and all of the other organizations.

It was a very exciting day when they were able to have their first Primary Program!

This month we received word that they would be able to become a branch.
When we arrived at the church on Sunday the Hermanas were putting up the announcement for General Conference!

The auxiliary meetings were held during the first hour.  I attended Primary.  It was so fun to see the children learning and sharing what they were learning.  I thought of what a blessing it was for these wonderful families to have the gospel in their lives!

There was a wonderful feeling in the meeting as the new Branch Presidency was announced.  They and their wives all shared their testimonies. 
 After the meeting we all went out for a Branch Photo!

This Grandma and her granddaughter were the first to be baptized in Rincon and they are so grateful to have the church in their lives!

There have been several new babies born into the Branch.

The missionaries were so excited for this great day and had several investigators at the meeting!

The New Branch Presidency

The Branch Presidency and their wives.

The church is in good hands in Rincon de los Sauces!

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