Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Los Fieles-The Faithful

Our Twenty six "Fieles" will be returning to Peru, USA, Honduras, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Paraguay.

The last 24 hours of a mission can be peaceful, confusing, delicious, enlightening, and even a little tearful for these Fieles. It is also very emotional for us to think of  these wonderful missionaries leaving the mission! 

One of our Elders left a little bit early this transfer so he had his own special good bye!

Our April Fieles

Some of those who came in with their companions on Sunday for interviews had French Toast and Maple syrup for Breakfast!  Maple syrup is not available here!  Some had never had either French Toast or Maple syrup before so it was fun!

Monday everyone else came in for interviews but all the "Fieles" arrived throughout the morning.

Those who have been working hard to learn English took the Final English exam to get their certificate.  We had six missionaries prepared to take this exam!  Most of them didn't know English before the mission and have worked very hard. They have completed both language study books and have practiced speaking English with companions.   It is great to see how much they have learned.  Thank you so much to their North American companions who have been willing to help them!

It was great to share mission stories with each other and to talk about what they would be doing after the mission.

There were notes to write to other missionaries and members.

Everyone enjoyed finding their pictures on the Mission Bulletin Board and seeing  the pictures of the other missionaries in their group. 

Picture time!
  There are more Photos in the "Missionary Photos" of the Blog!

Monica was here to help us have delicious food!

It is so fun to meet the parents of our missionaries! 

We were determined to get all 30 of us around one table and we did it!

The secretaries had everything ready and organized for their flights.

Thanks to our assistants for doing all the dishes!

Our last meeting together.

Off to the airport!

Our Hermanas continue to talk to everyone about this wonderful gospel!

Everyone else arrives!

Some of the members come to say good bye.


One last group photos!

Also with the members!



Until we meet again....

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