Saturday, April 4, 2015

What we did at Interviews

During the month of March, the focus of our studies and interviews was the talk “Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ” by Gene R. Cook.  Since studying the talk and learning in the interviews, we have let the Lord take over His work in our mission and have seen many, many miracles.  As a mission, we testify that the Lord is still a God of extraordinary miracles.
We start our day of interviews with facturas to give us some time to talk with each other and get a little something to eat.  Sometimes the missionaries have traveled far to get to the interviews and have not eaten!
The Elders always insist that the Hermana are served first!

After we do our group photos we celebrate birthdays! That is one of my favorite parts!

During our opening time together we all practiced leading the music.  President Lovell showed everyone where to look in the Hymn Book to see where it teaches how to lead the Hymns.   Then we practiced how to lead a song in 4/4 time.

We are lucky to have many great pianists in the mission!

One of my favorite parts of serving a mission is being able to be companions with President Lovell!
 Interviews are a wonderful time to meet one on one with each missionary.  The missionaries meet with me to discuss their language study, pensions, health or anything else we have time to talk about. 
Many missionaries that are learning English take it very seriously!  They have books and cards that they study and practice with and watch for times to practice speaking English with the North Americans in the mission.
After their time with me they have their interview with President Lovell.
During the interviews, The assistants lead the missionaries in several role-play practices.  They practiced using the pass-along cards for the church´s initiative “Questions of the Soul”. They focused on using them during our daily contacting time in the morning.

They also had many wonderful experiences with the new companionship language game. The objective of the game was to throw a little ball and ask any question in English about the missionary. The missionary who received the ball would then gain confidence with the language by responding in English.

  Finally, the assistants made a calendar with all the possible baptismal dates for each zone. All these things helped us to hasten the work of the Lord.
Before interviews we asked the missionaries to really look through their pensions for anything that had been left there by other missionaries.  They brought those things to interviews and we sorted through it all to see what could be used by other missionaries. 

The mission leaders brought these clothes and other useful things to Leadership Council if we didn't have room in our car to bring them.  Then I washed them and some of the Hermanas in the area helped me sort them to be ready for missionaries that may need them.
Interviews are a great time for us to be with all the missionaries and the Assistants.  We are so grateful to be able to serve with all of these wonderful missionaries!

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