Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Los Fieles-The Faithful

It is hard to believe it is time for these wonderful missionaries to return to their homes.  They will be returning to Perú, Argentina, Mexico and the United States.  We are grateful for their service and their willingness to share the gospel here in Argentina.   

Most of the missionaries arrive at the mission home on Monday morning but these two Hermanas came the night before.  They were so excited to have real Maple Syrup for Breakfast the next morning!

We have a Facebook group for those leaving the mission so we can stay in contact with each other.  It is hard for some missionaries to remember their passwords after two years!

It is always fun to see missionaries sharing experiences with each other while they wait for their last interview with President Lovell.

We have a routine of everyone looping around through the laundry room to wash hands before a meal.

One last meal together

Our wonderful mission secretary is making sure everyone has all the information they need for the airport tomorrow.

It is so fun to look through the packets of their letters to the President and other fun memories of the mission.

President Lovell is explaining their Tablero Card.  It is color coded to show where they have served and for how long.

Six great Elders

Three Great Hermanas

Everyone wanted a few more pictures together!

Soon it was time for the evening to end and time to get ready for the flight the next morning.

The Hermanas stay at the Mission Home and the Elders stay at the Casa Grande. It was a project to make sure their luggage was within the weight allowance for the flight!

This wonderful Hermana wasn't sure it was possible to fit it all in!  There were some things that just had to be left behind!

 One last breakfast together before the Elders came with the Van!

We appreciated the Elders help with the luggage!

We got to the airport very early but then found that the flight was delayed.

We were finally able to check in and relax until the flight.  
Since we had a little time before the flight I was able to learn to play "Rock, Paper, Sissors" in Spanish!

It was fun to take a few more pictures together.

There was even a chance to be a missionary one more time.


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