Monday, December 31, 2012

December Highlights

We look forward to the first week of every month because the Zone Leaders from all over the mission come in for Zone Leader Council.  They have their meetings at the nearby church but then come to the Mission Home for lunch. It is great to just be around these wonderful missionaries!

This month is was also time for our wonderful office Secretary to return to the "field".  The Elders in the office do so much to help our mission run smoothly!

Our missionaries work very hard but this District did take time for a little Christmas fun.

Our family did some special things for us for Christmas.  They send us a package with all kinds of fun things to help us have a fun Christmas.  It was an especially big job for them this year because we also have three daughters serving missions right now!  They are serving in Spain, Chile and Italy.  Thank you to the rest of our family for getting packages to all of us missionaries to bring us Holiday cheer!

We were so excited to be able to Skype with our missionaries on Christmas. We have nine daughters all together.  Six are married and the other three are on their mission. Each of the missionaries was able to Skype with  their sisters that aren't on missions and then spend the rest of their Skype time talking to President and I. Those Families in the United States got up early this Christmas Morning to Skype with us in our earlier time zone!  What a treat to have everyone together for a few minutes!

Our missionary daughters in Spain and Italy were even able to talk to each other for a few minutes because they called one right after the other!  It is so fun for all of us to share this missionary experience together!

Earlier in the month we heard from our daughter Jessica.  She and her husband Tom have 3 beautiful daughters and they just found out they are going to have 2 little boys born in May!  That will make 22 grandchildren for us!  We had one grandson born two weeks before we arrived on the mission and one that was born two weeks after we got here.  We are so grateful for Skype so that we can talk to these grandchildren as they are growing up!

On Christmas Eve those in the office were willing to come to a little gathering here in the Mission Home.
Hermana Ehmke made some fun Christmas cookies for us to decorate.

As you can see...we enjoy being together!

A few days after Christmas our Mission Secretary helped me cook a special dinner for President's birthday.

I had not baked a birthday cake here yet so I was so grateful that it turned out!

President made a wish and  blew out all the candles!  Happy Birthday!

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