Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Los Refuerzos-The Reinforcements

It is always fun to catch the first glimpse of our new missionaries through the glass at the airport!  It is usually easy to spot them because they look like a missionary!  What an exciting time for them and for us!

We soon had all the luggage and were ready to go to the Mission Home.

We are so grateful that these two Elders were able to get their Visas and arrive in the mission.  They are from Uruguay and Ecuador.  We still have twenty two more missionaries that have not been able to get their Visas.

After a meal together.....

.... we shared a little about the mission. 

The next day there was paperwork to fill out.  

And food to eat!

It is always fun when their trainers arrive.  These seem like a perfect match.  There is a twelve week program that the trainers use to teach new missionaries important things about missionary work.

  There is so much to learn! 

The office Elders each take time to teach about the areas they are responsible for.

Then there is more food to eat! 


We had a wonderful evening together and then these wonderful missionaries went to their areas.

Several days later we received word that two missionaries from Perú had received their visas! 

Because of the holidays we were not able to get a flight for them from Buenos Aires.  They had a very long bus ride from Buenos Aires to Neuquén. 

It was so fun to have our first meal together before we shared information about the mission. Because of situations in the mission and because of Christmas they each spent the holidays in a threesome with two other missionaries.

The day after Christmas they were back at the mission home with their trainers and ready to get started.
They of course had the usual paperwork to fill out and their interview with President Lovell and then had more training with the office missionaries and the Assistants.

  It was amazing to see what supplies are available for the missionaries to use and to purchase.

Our new missionary quickly found one of the favorite things in the office.  It is a little hard to see here but it is a head scratcher and it feels so good!

 Hermana Ehmke and I do training about health, pensions, dress and grooming and language study.


The wonderful trainer in the back of the room is from Buenos Aires and is translating for us when we need it.  He has really worked hard on learning English here on the mission.  All those who don't know English have a chance to study it here on the mission.

 Learning about the finances of the mission is important!

Our mission secretary did his training and then worked on the sprinkler system to see why it was not working.  We are so lucky to have multi-talented missionaries in the office!

Not only do those in the office have their own areas of responsibility but they take time to help teach us older missionaries when we need it.  I am very grateful for their patience with me!

Hermana Ehmke is our nurse and is always ready to take care of the missionaries.  She is so fun that the missionaries always feel better after talking to her!

You can tell that our Assistant worked at a restaurant before the mission.  You never know when your skills will be useful!

After a busy day we are able to had a quiet evening together to share spiritual thoughts and feelings.

Then we had fun taking pictures together to remember this special day!

What a privilege it is to work together with these missionaries!

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