Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December Interviews

Right after Transfers we started our tour the mission to interview the missionaries.  We did it all in ten days because we wanted to see every missionary before Christmas.  We were able to finish them all on the day before Christmas Eve.

While the President was interviewing each missionary and I was gathering information about their lauguage study, the Assistants and Zone Leaders did Specialized Training.  They had specific things they wanted to teach but they planned some very fun ways to share it.

While we were having interviews in one building there was also a group having a Young Men and Young  Women’s Activity.  They were teaching all the youth in the ward how to make some delicious bread.

We were able to attend Church in the branch of Esquel.  I was able to go to Primary.  It was so fun to be with this amazing Primary Leader.  She did everything from leading the singing to teaching the lesson!
We meet wonderful members of the church wherever we go who are doing their best to live the gospel. We continually learn from their great examples.

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