Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New Dress and Grooming site for Elders

There is a new dress and grooming site for Elders on

You can find it at:

There are many pictures and answers to questions on the site.   Please look at this site if you are a new Elder preparing for your mission.

One of the big changes is that they do not want the missionaries to use backpacks.

Are backpacks allowed?

Backpacks are not allowed. If you need to carry additional items, you are encouraged to choose shoulder bags that are durable, professional, and business-like.  See examples >


They are not expecting that everyone already in the mission will stop using backpacks but this will be phased in as the new missionaries arrive.

Another change that is introduced on this new site is when it is appropriate to wear suits or other combinations of clothing.

Missionary Clothing

You are not required to wear a suit during regular everyday proselyting activities. On these occasions, wear a white shirt, tie, durable and comfortable dress shoes, and professional dress slacks that hold a crease.
Certain activities require you to dress your best, or in other words, to wear “Sunday-best” attire. These activities include Sunday meetings, zone conferences, interviews, baptismal services, and some teaching appointments. On these occasions wear your best suit, shirt, tie, and shoes.

  • Layering Outerwear

    Layering Regular Proselyting Attire
    Staying dry and warm while proselyting in wet and cold climates is very important. During regular proselyting activities you may add any of the following layers over your white shirt and tie as needed:
    ·       Sweater
    ·       Suit coat
    ·       Rainwear
    ·       Winter coat
    Layering “Sunday-Best” Attire
    To stay dry and warm during activities that require you to dress your best and wear your suit coat, you may add the following layers as needed:
    ·       First, layer a suit vest or sweater under your suit coat. (Suit vests may not be worn alone, but only under your suit coat.)
    ·       Second, if you are still not warm enough with a sweater or vest, you may add another layer over your suit coat such as an overcoat or raincoat. 
    Be sure to wear your nametag on the outermost layer of clothing so that others may clearly identify you as a missionary. When possible, wear the nametag on the upper-right side. 

Please visit the site to see all of the information available there!

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