Saturday, July 6, 2013

Shoulder Bag available in the mission....also four sleeping bags

We have had questions from several new missionaries about options for shoulder bags since the church is asking the new missionaries to not bring backpacks.  We have a shoulder bag that is available to buy here at the mission once you get here if you would like to do that.  One of our assistants has used this same shoulder bag for most of his mission and he says it has worked great for him. 
He was kind enough to show several different ways he likes to wear it!

It is available to buy once you get here for 58 pesos.  That is 10.48 in American Money.  You would not need to bring extra money for that because you could just pay that amount from the money you receive on your mission card.  Of course you can bring your own shoulder bag if you choose to do that.  We are just wanting you to know that there is this option available.

I have had several missionaries ask if they could buy sleeping bags once they get here. I  found 4 Colman Sleeping Bags. They seem very nice and warm and large.     These bags were 640 pesos or 119.00 American dollars.  If you are from another country we can figure it out when you come if you are interested in buying one.  You would need to bring extra money with you if you would like to buy one of these bags.  Please let me know if you are interested at

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