Monday, July 15, 2013

July Fieles Video

 Fun memories we shared on our last night together!

The music is taken from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir album "Called to Serve".


  1. Heather's home now so very few pictures of her in this, but oh my goodness! I'm sitting here all bawling!! I'm so grateful she and all the boys and their dad and I had that same wonderful opportunity. Not only is it beyond words to get to share your testimony and see wonderful people come into the church and make life changing covenants. But also the blessings of association with wonderful Mission Presidents/mission moms, office staff, and all the Elders and Sisters they all become a part of your life forever.

    Last Sunday, we attended a farewell for a young lady going to Japan. She introduced me to her missionary prep teacher. He had recently returned from serving in Mexico City. I said to the young sister that was leaving, "Your mission will stick with you the rest of your life. The blessing from serving will continue to come back to you and so many times you will say "that happened because I went on a mission." I turned to the young returned missionary and said, "She'll never get over it, huh?" He was chocked up when he said, "you're right."

  2. Thank you for sharing that Sister Lovell. And thanks for all you and Pres. Lovell did to make our daughter's mission wonderful!

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  4. Thank you for sharing that wonderful story and please give Hermana Larsen a big hug from us!