Thursday, July 4, 2013

Leadership Council

Yesterday was our first Leadership Council now that the mission has been divided. The new Comodoro Rivadavia Mission also also held their first Leadership Council yesterday!   The work is going forward in both missions! 
We now have 5 stakes in our mission and 1 district.  We have a zone for each of the Stakes so there are 5 zones. 
Right now the sister leader trainers have a very big job.  They are responsible for all of the sisters in the mission. 

One of the things we discussed is how we are doing on our pension inspections. We feel it is very important to keep the pensions clean in the mission.    Each transfer cycle the Assistants inspect the Zone Leader's pensions, the Zone Leaders inspect the District Leader's pensions and the District Leaders inspect the pensions of those in their district.  The Sister Leader Trainers inspect the Hermana's pensions. These pension inspections happen when the leaders of the mission do their intercambios (divisions). 
We also ask that the last p-day of the transfer cycle be clean day.  The pension is to be totally clean according to the pension inspection chart and select photos sent to the mission pension cleaning e-mail!  We received some great pictures of some very clean pensions this transfer cycle. 

This way all the pension are clean for any transfers that may happen.  We believe that companionships get along better in a clean pension, the missionaries are healthier, they are more efficient, they learn good habits and they can feel the spirit better in a clean pension.  Thanks to our leaders and our missionaries for all they do to keep their pensions clean!

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  1. Love seeing these pictures of Elder Hunsaker and all the missionaries. Love seeing the pensions also and how our missionaries live!